Stun Fun App Reviews

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Great game.

This game is amazing Im having fun tazing my sister. She thinks its real XD

Shockingly fun

This game is pretty entertaining but after a while it just gets boring ( you should add more in the next update )

Stun fun

I prank my brothers with this funny


Nice i enjoy it

Pretty cool

It is fun to show folks and play with. I like all the different colors.

How fun and cute

Its the cutest thing ever when I tell people I have a tazer and I pretend Im tazing them and they freak out when I touch it to their warm flesh hahaha makes me want to get a real tazer and taze myself:)


Great little simple and fun app. Scare the crap outta your friends. Best in the dark.


Its good. Its free. Ads are annoying if you want it to be realistic. Its pretty cool . Get it if you want.

Fun when Im busy



Its fun but app fusion is way better it has this and well, everything

I dont know why but I love this app

Its awesome

Girlfriend hates it

I taze my girlfriend when she gets out of line. She cant stand it which makes it that much better.


Doesnt even work, all it does is make a dumb noise. This app would be 5 stars if it worked. Please Fix


What happen to the flash that came out


This app is one of the dumbest apps Ive ever seen!?!!??!?!?!?!!?!

This is okay

This is okay but all you do is touch the screen and you see sparks

OK Funny!

I did a search wondering if someone had come up with a taser app, and of course there are! Good for a laugh! The ads get in the way and you can opt to pay to remove them -righhht!

It is cool

I like what i saw.It is cool how you can change the color


I always trick my friends


This app is ok

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